Section 9: Labels > Label Types

2-Inch Repair Label

The 2-inch repair label will be no higher than 2 inches (5.08 cm). It includes the repair order number (numeric and bar-coded); reference 1 and reference 2; the date received and date requested for; the customer name; the first two available of the business, home, and mobile phone numbers; the make and model; the serial number; common accessories; and the bin location.

The default label printer, label orientation, and number of copies can be configured from the labels setup area (see 2-Inch Repair Label Options).

NOTE   Other label settings such as the physical label type and size cannot be configured from within At Your Service, but must instead be configured using the Windows printer driver settings in the Windows control panel. Please see the manufacturer’s instructions for information on which settings are available for your label printer and how to configure them. At Your Service Software, Inc. is unable to provide technical support for specific models of printers.


3-Inch Repair Label