Section 4: Setup > Advertising Methods

Advertising Methods Overview

In this setup area you may create a list of the various advertising methods that you use in order to track how much revenue you are earning from each method (see Working with Advertising Methods). The advertising methods entered here will be available in dropdown lists for the Advertising entry field on customer accounts, repair orders, and sales invoices.

Select Setup  Lists  Advertising Methods from the main menu to open the advertising methods setup area.

If the option has been enabled, you will first be prompted with the question: Do you want to extract newly entered advertising methods from customers, repair orders, and sales invoices? (See module option “Prompt to extract newly entered Advertising Methods” under Setup Module Options.) Click the Yes button to automatically create new records for advertising methods that were manually entered in the Advertising field on customer, repair order, and sales invoice records, and that do not already exist in the advertising methods table (see Customer - Defaults Tab, Repair Order - Customer Tab, and Sales Invoice - Customer Address Tab). Click the No button or press the Esc key to ignore the request.

The advertising methods setup module may be renamed with a custom caption (see Custom Captions), and is not available in the Repair Micro edition. Additionally, advertising methods are available on customer accounts only for licensed users of version 2.6 and higher, and are not available on sales invoices in the Retail SQL and Retail editions.


Browsing Advertising Methods