Section 12: Internet Utility > Communication Options

Communication Options Overview

The Internet Utility can communicate with your customers via Internet web sites, e-mail, fax, and SMS text messaging. Since there are a variety of methods and standards for the various communication methods, each with their pros and cons, these need to be configured on each individual workstation depending on the needs of your business.

While processing is stopped, select Setup  Communication Options from the main menu to open the communication options setup area for the Internet Utility. Enter communication options and click the Save button to save changes. Click the Close/Cancel button or press the Esc key to quit without saving changes. All communication settings apply only to the physical workstation where they are configured. Each form section and entry field is discussed in the following sections

NOTE   While At Your Service Software, Inc. is providing a limited amount of technical information here to assist you in setting up your network and communications systems, it is ultimately the responsibility of you and your company to work along with your network technicians and consultants to evaluate, select, install, test, and maintain these systems.


Communication Options - Proxy Tab