Section 4: Setup > Custom Captions

Custom Captions Overview

Each service or repair business uses terminology that is unique to their industry. The custom captions setup module allows headings or field captions to be renamed with a custom caption. For example, the “Repair Orders” module may instead become the “Work Orders” module; the generic “Reference 1” field may instead become the “P.O. Number” field; or the “Repair Estimate” form may instead become the “Quote” form. Additionally, captions may be renamed so that modules and fields represent a completely different purpose, although their internal functionality remains the same. For example the “Advertising Methods” may instead become the “Sales Regions” module; the “Storage Bin” field may instead become the “Mileage” field; or the “Travel” charge category may instead become the “Rental” charge category. Custom captions configured through this setup module will automatically be reflected throughout corresponding browse windows, entry screens, setup modules, menus, forms, and reports.

To open the custom captions setup area, first close all windows within the main program shell and then select Setup  Custom Captions from the main menu.

In some cases, captions may be listed under multiple grammatical tenses (e.g. singular and plural). Additionally, provision is made for alternate captions to be entered in English, French, and Spanish in order to accommodate forms, reports, and on-line services that support those languages (see Language of Communication).

See also Editing Repair Statuses to customize the captions associated with repair statuses.

The custom captions setup module is available only for licensed users of version 2.6 and higher, and is not available in the Repair Lite and Repair Micro editions.

(See also Optimizing Program Options for Speed.)


Browsing Custom Captions