Section 4: Setup > Shipping Methods

Editing Shipping Methods

The entry fields available while adding, viewing, or editing shipping method records (see Browsing Shipping Methods) are discussed in the following table.

Shipping Method Entry Fields



Shipping Method

Enter the name of a shipping method, up to 20 characters. This field may not be left empty and may not include apostrophe (‘) characters.

Online Tracking

Select the on-line courier tracking service that provides tracking of shipments for this shipping method (see Tracking Shipments On-Line), or select None if there is no on-line courier tracking service for this shipping method.

Update existing Customer, Vendor, Repair Order, Sales Invoice, Credit Note, and Purchase Order records

Check this box to update existing customer, vendor, repair order, sales invoice, credit note, and purchase order records with changes that were made to a shipping method already assigned to those records.

This field will be available only after a change has been made to an existing shipping method.


Working with Shipping Methods