Section 1: Introduction

How At Your Service – Repair Centre Will Pay For Itself

Saving Your Business Time

      The time spent by your staff phoning your customers is considerably reduced because status update notices and reports can be automatically sent to your customers via e-mail, fax, or text message

      The number of phone calls from your customers is considerably reduced because your customers can check status updates themselves on a web site, or they can receive regular update notices and reports via e-mail, fax, or text message

      When customers do phone, current status information can be pulled up in seconds with just a few keystrokes

      Data entry is accelerated by dozens of time-saving features that can be configured to automatically fill in important information as you type or user a bar-code scanner to enter information, such as looking up past history, recall notices, filling in automatic quotes, attaching service instructions and diagrams, etc.

      Many standard procedures can be processed as batches rather than having to update individual records

      A knowledge base of past repairs can be easily researched to quickly find past solutions to difficult repair problems

      Repair analysis reports assist in reducing bottlenecks in your repair process and reducing the number of repeat repairs

      Repair and financial statistics and patterns are instantly available to assist in quickly making accurate estimates based on past history

      Invoices and payments can be exported directly into QuickBooks accounting software thereby eliminating the need to re-enter accounting data

      All forms and reports can be e-mailed or faxed directly from within the software, thereby eliminating the need to print them first

Saving Your Business Money

      All of the time savings outlined in the previous section directly result in related cost savings

      Our plain paper system eliminates the need for costly pre-printed forms; it allows faxing directly from within the program, thereby eliminating the wasted paper used when they are printed first; and it minimizes the number of printers needed

      Bookkeeping and accounting expenses are considerably reduced since many financial reports are automatically generated

      Business revenues and profits can be analyzed based on groupings such as makes and models being serviced or repaired, advertising methods, geographic regions, etc. in order to help you make wise financial decisions

      Purchase statistics and patterns can assist you in arranging discounts with vendors


General Features