Section 10: Importing Data > Processing the Data Import

Import Testing

Before actually processing the data import, it is recommended that the data be tested first to ensure that it correctly meets the data validation requirements for each of the imported fields. All data validation rules are also listed in the “Notes and Data Validation” column of the corresponding import field definitions table for each data import (see Data Exports from Setup Modules, Data Imports for Main Modules, and Data Imports for Tools Modules). No data is actually imported by the test.

Click the Test button to begin testing the import. A progress bar will display the progress of the test, and the number of records added, updated, or skipped will be displayed. Additionally, a count of the number of warnings or errors will be displayed. A warning is considered a non-critical problem (e.g. a field is too long and will be truncated), while an error is a critical problem that will result in the record being skipped (e.g. a key field was left blank).

Either wait for the test to complete, or if there are already numerous warnings or errors indicated then click the Cancel button to cancel the test. Click the Log button to view the import log file and see the reasons for the warnings and/or errors. If necessary, make corrections to the data import file and test the import again.

If rollback protection has been disabled then testing will be disabled (see import option “Disable Rollback Protection” under Standard Import Options).


Import Processing