Section 1: Introduction > Installation

Installing MySQL

If you are installing the Repair SQL or Retail SQL edition to work with MySQL databases then MySQL (5.0 or later) will need to be installed on one of the network servers or workstations, and the MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51 will need to be installed on each workstation. Additionally, it is recommended that you install the MySQL Workbench GUI tool.

You may download and install the various MySQL components from the MySQL web site using the following links:

Download MySQL Community Server (5.0 or later) from

Download MySQL Connector/ODBC (3.51 or later) from

Download MySQL Workbench (5.0 or later) from

After creating a MySQL database (see Creating a New Empty MySQL Database, or Importing an Access Database to a New MySQL Database) the name of the database must be configured in the MySQL Connector/ODBC system DSN in order for printing to work correctly.


Installing Microsoft SQL Server Express