Section 1: Introduction > Installation

Installing X-Charge Server

X-Charge server software manages credit and debit card processing with the bank, either via the Internet and/or modem (see Processing Credit and Debit Card Transactions with X-Charge). In a single-user environment, the X-Charge server software would typically be installed on the same workstation where the At Your Service software is installed. In a multi-user environment, the X-Charge server software needs to be installed on any one workstation or server on your network and then X-Charge client software needs to be installed on each workstation from which you would like your users to do credit and debit card processing. The X-Charge client software then sends transactions to the X-Charge server software to actually do all of the processing with the bank from a single location.

For assistance in setting up an account with Accelerated Payment Technologies and installing the latest version of the X-Charge server software, please use the contact information at the web site


Installing a Web Browser