Section 8: Reports > Inventory Reports

Inventory Ledger Listing

This report is an audit trail listing of all transactions in the inventory ledger for a specified period of time (see Inventory). The report is sorted by entry date. It may be filtered by part number, inventory location, and transaction type.

Report Option Fields



Part No.

Enter a part number for which to generate the report, leave blank for all part numbers, or use wildcard characters for multiple part numbers (see Filtering or Searching Data by Column (Field Filters) for a discussion of wildcard usage).

Inv. Location

Enter or select the inventory location for which to generate the report or leave blank for all inventory locations.


In all other editions, select whether to include all transactions (the system default), manual adjustments, purchase order transactions, repair order transactions, sales invoice transactions, or credit note transactions.

Date Range

Enter or select the starting date for records to include on the report or leave blank for all records before the ending date. Also enter or select the ending date for records to include on the report or leave blank for all records after the starting date. The date range is based on the dates that the transactions were recorded.


The item description column is not stored in the ledger but is determined by the current item description assigned to the corresponding part number and inventory location.

This report is available only for licensed users of version 3.1 and higher.


Outstanding Backordered Items