Section 3: Navigating and Data Entry > Entering and Selecting Data


Use the arrow keys to move between menu options with the keyboard and then press the Enter key to select a menu item. To jump directly to a main menu, press the Alt+letter key combination where letter is the underlined letter in the main menu caption name. To jump directly to an option on a dropdown menu, press the letter key that is underlined in the dropdown menu caption name.

TIP      If you cannot see the underlined letters in the dropdown menu captions then press the Alt key and they should appear. If you want the underlined letters to be displayed permanently then this can be set under the Effects options of the Display properties in the Windows control panel.

Many dropdown menu options also have a shortcut keys combination listed to the right of the menu caption. Pressing that key combination will select the menu option without opening the main menu first. (See Appendix B: Keyboard Shortcuts for a list of standard keyboard shortcuts.)


Moving Between Fields