Section 3: Navigating and Data Entry > Browsing Tables

Optional Dialog Windows

Certain processes specific to each browse module can be accessed both from the File menu and by means of buttons across the upper-right corner of the browse window (e.g. printing forms, paying invoices). Many of these processes display a dialog window that allows the user to specify options (e.g. a form may be displayed on screen, printed, or sent via e-mail or fax). Selecting a process from the File menu always displays any available dialog window for that process. However, clicking one of the buttons in the upper-right corner of the browse window can be configured to either open the dialog window and allow selection of available options, or it can be configured to bypass the dialog window and automatically use default options.

To toggle whether or not each available dialog windows should be displayed, select View  Optional Dialog Windows  from the main menu and select a process. A checkmark will be displayed beside processes for which a dialog window will be displayed. Further, the button and menu captions for those processes will end in the standard Windows ellipsis (…) suffix when a dialog window is to be displayed, or with no ellipsis if the dialog window will be bypassed.

By default, label-printing processes bypass the dialog window (see Selecting a Label, and Viewing or Printing a Label), while all other processes display a dialog window (see Selecting a Form, Viewing, Printing, or Sending a Form, and Paying Individual Invoices). The button dialog settings for each module will be remembered from session to session for each user.