Repair Status Communication Options Overview

One of the primary needs within any service or repair business is the ability to effectively communicate both within the repair company, as well as with external subcontract repair vendors, and of course with customers. Standard correspondence may be either in printed form, or by electronic means. The repair status communications module allows you to automate much of your standard communication by configuring which correspondence is to be automatically printed or e-mailed as the repair status on repair orders is changed through the various repair steps. This module does not apply to other printed or e-mailed correspondence, such as sales invoices, credit notes, or purchase orders.

Select Setup  Repair Status Communication Options from the main menu to open the communication options setup area. Enter repair status communication options and click the Save button to save changes. Click the Close/Cancel button or press the Esc key to quit without saving changes. Unless otherwise specified, all repair status communication settings apply globally to all users. Each form section and entry field is discussed in the following sections.

Except for some form printing configuration, most repair status configuration options are available only for licensed users of version 3.1 and higher. This module is not available in the repair micro edition.


Repair Status Communication Options - Main Area