Section 8: Reports

Reports Overview

Reports allow you to analyze the data that has been recorded in the system in order to help you make better business decisions.

For example, repair and financial statistics and patterns are available to assist in quickly making accurate estimates based on past history. A knowledge base of past repairs can be researched to quickly find past solutions to difficult repair problems. Or an analysis of bottlenecks in the various steps of the repair process can help to identify areas in which time delays can be reduced and the overall throughput of the business can be improved. Business revenues and profits can be analyzed based on groupings such as makes and models being serviced or repaired, advertising methods, geographic regions, etc. Or purchase statistics and patterns can assist you in arranging discounts with vendors.

All reports can be e-mailed or faxed directly from within the software, thereby eliminating the wasted paper used when they are printed first.

Unless otherwise specified, all reports are available in English only. And unless otherwise specified, all reports are printed in portrait orientation. None of the report options are case-sensitive.


Selecting a Report