Section 1: Introduction


Throughout this guide you will find various typographical renderings to represent actions that you will be expected to perform using the keyboard or the mouse. The following table explains these typographical renderings.

Typography Examples

Textual Directions


Type in “Text Phrase

Using the keyboard, type all of the characters represented by bold text between the quotes (i.e. do not type the quote characters)

Press the F1 key

Press the F1 key on the keyboard

Press the Shift+F1 key combination

While holding down the Shift key on the keyboard, press the F1 key

Select File  Exit from the main menu

Select the File menu at the top of the program window; then from the menu that drops down select the Exit menu option

Select New Customer from the context menu

Click the right mouse button to display a context menu; then from the menu that appears select the New Customer menu option

Click the  button

Using the mouse, click the button with the  icon on it (the textual context will indicate whether the button is on the toolbar or a window)

Click the Save button

Using the mouse, click the button that has the caption Save on it (there may also be a graphical icon on the button)


Additionally, the abbreviations At Your Service and AYS are used interchangeably with the full name of At Your Service – Repair Centre software.