Section 8: Reports > Accounting Reports

Unapplied Credits

This report is a list of credit notes that have not been fully applied (see Credit Notes).

Report totals include the total value of the credits, the total amount applied, and the balance remaining to be credited. The report may be sorted by billing customer account number, customer name, credit date, credit note number, or reference 1. And it may be filtered by billing customer and business location.

Report Option Fields




Enter an assigned billing customer account number for which to generate the report, 0 for miscellaneous customer accounts, or leave blank for all customers. Optionally, select the billing customer name for which to generate the report.

Bus. Location

Enter or select the business location for which to generate the report or leave blank for all business locations. This report option is not available in the Repair Lite and Repair Micro editions.

Sort by

Select the desired sort order, either by billing customer account number, by customer name (the system default), by credit date, by credit note number, or by reference 1.


Credit notes are included on the report when the amount applied is different from the grand total.

The Reference column is the Reference 1 field from the corresponding credit note.


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