Section 4: Setup > Custom Captions

Working with Custom Captions

Hot Keys for Custom Field Captions

The Alt+letter key combination used to jump to a field (usually displayed as an underlined character on entry screens; see Moving Between Fields) will remain the same for an entry field with a custom caption if the new caption contains the same letter. Alternately, an ampersand character (&) can be entered with the custom English caption just before the alphanumeric character that is to be used for the key combination. The ampersand character will automatically be removed when displaying the caption elsewhere throughout the program.

Forcing Line Wraps in Custom Form Titles

When entering custom form titles, entering additional spaces between words can force a word-wrap when printing the title at the top of the corresponding form. The extra spaces will automatically be removed when displaying the form title elsewhere throughout the program.


Reporting on Custom Captions