Section 4: Setup > Payment Terms

Working with Payment Terms

Setting Default Payment Terms

The system default is that all payment terms up to 30 days, and then each 15 days thereafter, are selected.

The default payment terms for new customer accounts and for invoices assigned to miscellaneous customers (i.e. customer account 0000000) may be set under module options (see the “Default Payment Terms for…” module options under Customer Module Options).

When entering a repair order or sales invoice for an existing customer account, the payment terms will default to the one set up on the Billing Address/Info tab of the customer account (see Editing Customers).

Configuring the C.O.D. Payment Term

The C.O.D. payment term can be renamed to another payment term (e.g. “Pay on Demand”) by setting up a custom caption (see Custom Captions).

The C.O.D. payment term can also be configured when exporting payments to QuickBooks (see QuickBooks Export Options).

Invoice Due Dates

The due date on invoices and credit notes is always calculated as the invoice date plus the number of days in the payment terms on that invoice. This also applies to invoices that are exported to QuickBooks (see Exporting Invoices to QuickBooks).


Working with Batches of Payment Terms