Section 5: Main Modules > Purchase Orders

Working with Purchase Orders

- creating a new order

- adding additional items to an open order

- closing and issuing a purchase order

- receiving a purchase order

- determining which repairs can be started

- determining which parts are still on backorder

- returning items

- deleting items from a purchase order - delete a detail line if not closed yet) If closed then change the number to 0 first (save and reopen?) and then delete the detail line.

Printing a Purchase Form

See Form Types for a complete description of each of the purchase forms, and Selecting a Form for information on how to select each form for printing. Additionally, see Form Options for information on configuring form printing options, and Custom Forms for information on customizing forms.

Receiving an Entire Purchase Order

- instructions

Re-Opening a Closed Purchase Order

- instructions


Working with Batches of Purchase Orders