Section 4: Setup > Serial Number Notices

Working with Serial Number Notices

Identifying Notices for an Item Brought in for Repair

When a matching serial number is entered on a repair order, either for the main repair item or for one of its serialized accessories, the field background discreetly turns red (or orange if the item was also identified as a repeat repair) and details of the notice including who to contact are automatically entered into the private notes section of the repair order for later reference (especially if the customer is watching the screen over your shoulder).

If the text “None” is entered in the main serial number or selected from the dropdown list then it is understood that there is no serial number on the item received for repair and no serial number notice lookup will be performed.

Always compare the description of the item received for repair with the item description on the notice in the private notes area since some serial numbers may repeat across various models from the same manufacturers.

- notes regarding unique make and model not just serial number lookup

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Working with Batches of Serial Number Notices