Section 10: Importing Data > Custom Data Imports

Custom Data Imports Overview

There are many possible reasons for wanting a custom data import. Some of the more common reasons are discussed under the following headings.

Adding Fields to Existing Data Imports

Existing standard data imports have been designed to meet the needs of most users. However sometimes your business needs may require the addition or removal of certain fields on a particular data import. Or imported fields can be assigned as custom detail line fields on new repair order records (see Adding Custom Detail Line Fields).

(See also Adding Fields to Existing Data Exports, and Customizations.)

Data Imports for Business-Specific Requirements

The standard data import process requires that fields be individually matched each time that an import is processed. However, if your business needs to process a standard data import that will be run on a regular basis then non-standard import field names can be custom matched to At Your Service field names in order to automatically match them correctly each time (see Custom Field Matching).

(See also Data Exports for Business-Specific Requirements, and Customizations.)


Custom data imports are available only for licensed users of version 2.7 and higher, and are not available in the Repair Lite and Repair Micro editions.


Having Data Imports Customized For You