Section 11: Exporting Data > Custom Data Exports

Custom Data Exports Overview

There are many possible reasons for wanting a custom data export. Some of the more common reasons are discussed under the following headings.

Adding Fields to Existing Data Exports

Existing standard data exports have been designed to meet the needs of most users. However sometimes your business needs may require the addition or removal of certain fields on a particular data export. Or if a custom field detail line is entered on repair order, sales invoice, or credit note records then the entered value associated with the custom field can be added to a custom data export (see Adding Custom Detail Line Fields).

(See also Adding Fields to Existing Data Imports, and Customizations.)

Adding Export Options to Existing Data Exports

Existing standard data exports typically include a number of export options that allow the user to limit the data export to only include data that meets certain criteria (e.g. a date range, a particular customer account). Additional export options can be added that allow data to be filtered according to your business needs.

(See also and Customizations.)

Data Exports for Business-Specific Requirements

Sometimes there is no existing standard data export that meets the specific needs of your business or your repair industry. New custom data exports can be prepared that integrate into the At Your Service program exports window (see Selecting a Data Export) together with custom export options (see Adding Export Options to Existing Data Export).

If confidential data parameters need to be stored as part of the custom data export then that data can be encrypted.

(See also Data Imports for Business-Specific Requirements, and Customizations.)

Default FTP Upload Parameters

A default ftp server location and ftp login name and password can be pre-configured for uploading data exports to a predetermined ftp location (e.g. for warranty claim submissions to a manufacturer; see Uploading a Data Export via FTP). The ftp login name and password are stored as encrypted data.


Custom data exports are available only for licensed users of version 2.7 and higher, and are not available in the Repair Lite and Repair Micro editions.


Having Data Exports Customized For You