Section 7: Forms > Custom Forms

Custom Forms Overview

There are many possible reasons for wanting to customize forms. Some of the more common reasons are discussed under the following headings.

Letterhead on Forms

Forms are generally not for internal company use only (except for the Repair Assignment form) and are meant to be sent out to customers or business colleagues. Therefore, a standard textual and/or graphical letterhead may be configured to print at the top of each form (see Letterhead and Business Logos on Forms). However, if your company standard is to print correspondence letterhead with a particular font or textual layout then a custom report may be required. Similarly, if your business logo is in a file format other than .JPG (e.g. .TIF or .PNG) or if your company standard is to print the logo in a particular position and size then a custom report may be required.

(See also Letterhead on Reports.)

Adding Fields, Bar Codes, or Graphics to Existing Forms

Existing standard forms have been designed to meet the needs of most users. However sometimes your business needs may require the addition or removal of certain fields on a particular form. Or if a custom field detail line is entered on repair order, sales invoice, or credit note records then the entered value associated with the custom field can be added to a custom form (see Adding Custom Detail Line Fields).

Regular data fields may be printed as bar codes for easy scanning, perhaps for quick and accurate data entry into another system (see Using a Bar Code Reader).

And digital photographs or electronic signatures that are added as record attachments may need to be printed (see Attaching a Digital Photograph, and Attaching an Electronic Signature). The printing of digital photographs and electronics signatures may require additional system programming and therefore typically requires that the customizations be done by At Your Service Software, Inc., not by yourself.

(See also Adding Fields, Bar Codes, or Graphics to Existing Reports, Adding Fields, Bar Codes, or Graphics to Existing Labels, and Customizations.)

Forms in Another Language

All forms are available in English, French, and Spanish (see Language of Communication). If any reports are required in another language then a custom report may be required.

(See also Reports in Another Language, Labels in Another Language.)

Forms for Business-Specific Requirements

Some repair industries or volume customers may require that forms be printed using a specific layout. While there is no provision to create new forms, a form can be customized so that it prints using one or more specific layouts depending on the data being printed. For example, a standard form could print for most customers, but a specialized form layout would print if it is for a specific customer.

(See also Reports for Business-Specific Requirements, Labels for Business-Specific Requirements, and Customizations.)


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