Section 13: Database Repair Utility > Getting Started

Database Repair Utility Overview

Your At Your Service Microsoft Access database can usually be repaired in the rare case that it ever becomes corrupted (e.g. after a power failure or system or network crash). If database corruption is detected when opening a database (see Opening an Existing Access Database) then an automatic attempt will be made to repair and compact the database before opening it. Or the repair and compact database routine can be started manually from within the main At Your Service program (see Repairing and Compacting an Access Database).

However, in some cases of corruption, the main At Your Service – Repair Centre program cannot even be opened without crashing. In such cases, the At Your Service – Database Repair Utility may be able to repair the database. If the database cannot be automatically repaired then the Database Repair Utility can also be used to send the corrupted database to At Your Service Software, Inc. for an attempted manual database repair. If the database is corrupted beyond repair then the Database Repair Utility can try to automatically recover a backup database file from the automatic backups (see Automatically Backing Up an Access Database).


Installing the Database Repair Utility