Section 4: Setup > Payment Methods

Editing Payment Methods

The entry fields available while editing payment methods are discussed in the following table.

Payment Methods - Entry Fields



Payment Methods

Check the box next to each payment method that is accepted by your business. The Cash and Cheque payment methods may not be deselected.

X-Charge User ID

Enter the assigned user ID for the X-Charge server.

X-Charge Password

Enter the assigned password for the X-Charge server.


Click the Save button to save changes. Click the Close/Cancel button or press the Esc key to quit without saving changes.

The X-Charge setup fields are available only for the program administrator (see User Security), and only if the X-Charge server software has been installed (see Installing X-Charge Server). They are also available only for licensed users of version 3.0 and higher, and are not available in the Repair Micro edition.


Working with Payment Methods