Section 8: Reports > Repair Reports

Expiring Warranty Cards

This report is a listing of warranty cards that are about to expire (see Warranty Cards). It is printed in landscape orientation.

The report may be sorted by make, model, category, serial number, reference 1, customer account number, customer name, warranty plan, or warranty end date. And it may be filtered by customer, make, category, warranty plan, and days remaining in warranty.

Report Option Fields




Enter an assigned customer account number for which to generate the report, 0 for miscellaneous customer accounts, or leave blank for all customers. Optionally, select the customer name for which to generate the report.


Enter or select the make for which to generate the report or leave blank for all makes.


Enter or select the category for which to generate the report or leave blank for all categories.

Warranty Plan

Enter or select the warranty plan for which to generate the report or leave blank for all warranty plans.

Days Left

Enter or select the maximum number of days left remaining in the warranty to include on the report, from 0 to 999999 days. The system default is 90.

Sort by

Select the desired sort order, either by make (the system default), by model, by category, by serial number, by reference 1, by customer account number, by customer name, by warranty plan, or by warranty end date.


Warranty cards are considered to be expiring when the warranty end date is greater than or equal to today’s date.

This report is available only for licensed users of version 2.1 and higher, and is not available in the Repair Lite and Repair Micro editions.


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