Section 8: Reports

Repair Reports


Abandoned Repair Orders

Average Repair Times and Charges

Average Repair Vendor Performance

Average Repair Vendor Times and Costs

Completed Repair Orders

Expired Warranty Cards

Expiring Warranty Cards

Fault Codes Analysis

Make and Model Default Estimates

Outstanding Deadline Repairs

Outstanding Subcontracted Repairs

Outstanding Warranty Repairs

Part Fault Analysis

Repair Completion Statistics

Repair Knowledge Base

Repair Orders Awaiting Arrival or Dispatch

Repair Orders Awaiting Estimate

Repair Orders Awaiting Parts

Repair Orders Awaiting Repair or Repair In Process

Repair Orders Received

Repair Orders Refused by Technician

Repair Status Listing

Repair Status Summary

Repair Time Bottlenecks

Repairs by Repair Vendors that were Re-Repaired

Repairs by Technicians that were Re-Repaired

Repairs that were Re-Repaired

Repeat Repairs

Repeat Repairs by Repair Vendors

Repeat Repairs by Technicians

Serial Number Notice References

Service Codes Analysis

Subcontracted Repair Orders Awaiting Estimate

Technician Assignments

Warranty Cards Listing

Warranty Repairs Listing