Section 11: Exporting Data

Exporting Overview

Data from many At Your Service modules, including all of the browse windows, may be exported to a variety of standard file formats. This allows data to be transferred to and analyzed in other software programs.

(See also Exporting to QuickBooks, and Importing Overview.)

Using Data Exports for Batch Editing

Large numbers of records may be quickly edited as batches with the aid of the data export and data import modules and a standard database editing program.

1.  Export data to a comma-delimited text file, tab-delimited text file, or Excel workbook (see Data Export Formats).

2.  Open the exported data file using a standard database editing program (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access).

3.  Edit the fields that need to be edited.

4.  Save the edited data as a comma-delimited or tab-delimited text file format.

5.  Import the data back into At Your Service – Repair Centre using the corresponding data import routine (see Importing Overview).


Selecting a Data Export