Section 10: Importing Data

Importing Overview

Data from standard comma-delimited or tab-delimited files may be imported into many At Your Service modules. This allows data to be quickly imported from other software programs. The following are some practical applications for importing data:

      To expedite your setup process, data for certain modules may be exported from standard commercial file formats to comma-delimited or tab-delimited files, and then imported into the At Your Service database (see Essential Program Configuration).

      Large numbers of records may be quickly edited as batches with the aid of the data export and data import modules and a standard database editing program (see Using Data Exports for Batch Editing).

      A batch of new repair orders from a large customer can be imported (see Importing New Repair Orders.)

      A batch of new inventory items, or the results of a periodic actual on-hand inventory count, can be imported (see Importing Inventory.)

Importing data is not available in the Repair Mobile edition.

(See also Importing from QuickBooks, and Exporting Overview.)


Selecting a File to Import