Section 4: Setup > Form Options

Form Options Overview

The primary method of communicating information between your business and your customers and vendors is by means of various standardized printouts, or forms (see Forms Overview). Rather than expensive pre-printed forms that are common with most software programs, At Your Service uses a plain paper system for all forms while still allowing you to customize various aspects of each form. This further minimizes the number of printers necessary since there is only a need for one printer with blank paper. Of course, multiple printers may still be configured as desired.

The forms options setup area allows you to set and select various preferences, options, and defaults for each form. Some of these settings apply globally to all users, some apply to the currently logged in user, and some apply only to the physical workstation where they are configured. Each form option will note to which extent the setting applies.

Select Setup  Form Options from the main menu to open the form options setup area.

Enter or select data and click the Save button to save changes. Click the Close/Cancel button or press the Esc key to quit without saving changes. See Selecting from an Expandable Tree View for further instructions on editing or selecting individual options.


Repair Order Form Options