Section 7: Forms

Forms Overview

The primary method of communicating information between your business and your customers and vendors is by means of various standardized printouts, or forms. Rather than expensive pre-printed forms that are common with most software programs, At Your Service uses a plain paper system for all forms while still allowing you to customize various aspects of each form (see Standard Form Options). This further minimizes the number of printers necessary since there is only a need for one printer with blank paper. Of course, multiple printers may still be configured as desired.

It is possible to associate certain forms so that they automatically print together (e.g. a packing slip automatically prints when an invoice prints). If any such associations have been made in the forms setup area (see Form Options), then selecting to print a particular form may result in a number of forms being printed.

The printed forms themselves are divided into a number of sections printed one below the other on a sheet of paper. Each section is separated by a shaded divider that includes the subtitle of that section. If a destination address is printed on the form then the address is generally positioned 1 inch from the left edge of the page so that it will be visible in the window of a standard Number 9 size windowed envelope (3 inches or 9.8 cm tall, 8 inches or 22.5 cm wide) or Number 10 size windowed envelope (4 inches or 10.5 cm tall, 9½ inches or 24.1 cm wide) when the form is folded in thirds. The window may be from inches (1.6 cm) to inches (2.2 cm) from the left edge of the envelope. Other than for packing slip forms, the vertical positioning may vary somewhat depending on the configured letterhead and business logo options (see Letterhead and Business Logos on Forms). All remaining sections will be resized vertically to fit the amount of data that needs to be printed within each section.

All forms may be printed in English only, English/French, or English/Spanish (see Language of Communication). French and Spanish forms are available only for licensed users of version 2.2 and higher.


Form Types