Section 3: Navigating and Data Entry > Standard Notes

Inserting Standard Notes

If standard notes have been set up for a particular module then when the cursor is moved into a multi-line text field within that module, a button with the standard notes icon will appear just to the right of that field.

Start typing your data in the text entry field. At the cursor position where you would like to insert a standard note, click the  button, select Tools  Insert Note from the main menu, or press the Ctrl+N key combination. A menu of available standard note headings that apply to that module will be displayed in alphabetical order below the standard notes button.


Select the desired note heading by pressing the  or  keys and then the Enter key to insert the full text associated with that heading, or click the desired note heading to insert the full text. After the note has been inserted, the cursor will automatically be positioned immediately behind the last character of the note so that you can continue typing.


Section 4: Setup