Section 4: Setup

Setup Overview

Before using At Your Service, various tables must first be set up. This allows you to customize the program to meet your specific business needs (see Essential Program Configuration).

The first few setup areas will typically be set up only once, and are available from the Setup menu only when all windows within the main program shell are closed. It would be rare that changes would be made to these areas at a later time. The following setup areas provide the selection choices for various dropdown selection lists throughout the program. The last few setup areas allow you to set and select various preferences, options, and defaults. Some of these options and settings are global to all users, some are unique to each user login, and some are unique to each physical workstation.

Additionally, if you already have existing data in a standard commercial file format then you may be able to import that data directly into At Your Service to accelerate the setup process (see Importing Overview).


Business Locations