Section 1: Introduction > Installation

Installing a New or Updated License

1.  Run the program but do not log in. If you are already logged in then select File  Log Out from the main menu.

2.  If you have a license disk then insert it into your drive.

3.  Select Install  License Manager from the main menu.

4.  Click the New button and follow the directions on screen. If you have a license disk then the license will automatically be located and installed. If you had your license file e-mailed to you then you will be prompted to browse to where you saved the license file.


If you are on a network and have already installed a license on another workstation then you may optionally click the Copy button to copy the licenses and user security settings to the local workstation. Navigate to the installation folder on the remote workstation (by default C:\Program Files\At Your Service on 32-bit systems or C:\Program Files (x86)\At Your Service on 64-bit systems) and select the file Security.wcs to copy the installed licenses.

NOTE   When installing a license on Windows Remote Desktop Services, the license may need to be installed for each individual user login (see Installing on a Wide Area Network).

NOTE   On Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2 you may have to press the Compatibility Files button at the top of Windows explorer in order to see the Security.wcs file.


Installing Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)