Section 1: Introduction > Installation

Installing on a Wide Area Network

It is not recommended that the program be run remotely across a virtual private network (VPN) with the exception of synchronizing repair mobile edition databases (see Working With Mobile Edition Databases, and Mobile Synchronization). An absolute minimum network connection speed of 10 Mbps is required for network data transfer, with a recommended connection speed of 100 Mbps or higher (see System Requirements, and Optimizing a Network for Speed), and current VPN connection speeds are typically much slower. Further, since remote connections are less stable, dropped connections increase the potential for Microsoft Access database corruption and data loss.

Instead, it is recommended that terminal-type services be used for remote connections, such as Citrix XenApp or Windows Remote Desktop Services. With terminal-type services, individual sessions of the program run right on the terminal server for each remotely connected user so the program runs at the same speed as if the user was working right on the server as a workstation. Only the screen updates and mouse and keyboard movements are communicated back and forth across the network. Further, if the remote connection is dropped then the program still continues to run on the server. As soon as the remote user reconnects then they may continue working where they left off.

Execute the following steps to install At Your Service for multiple users on a wide area network:

1.  Install the program for all users on the local area network (i.e. users that will not be logging in via terminal-type services; see Installing on a Local Area Network).

2.  Install the program once on the terminal server (see Installing on a Workstation). Ensure that all users have full read/write access and file create access to the installation folder, including its subfolders.

3.  For each remote user, log on to the terminal server, run At Your Service (see Running the Program), select File  Open Database from the main program menu and navigate to the shared network folder or the SQL server to find and open the database (see Opening an Existing Access Database, Opening an Existing MySQL Database, or Opening an Existing Microsoft SQL Server Database).

Users on the local area network may optionally be configured to run the program via terminal-type services like the remote users.

NOTE   If installing At Your Service – Repair Centre on a Citrix XenApp server then the program must be installed through the Add or Removed Programs component of the Windows control panel or it may not be available to multiple Citrix users simultaneously.

NOTE   While At Your Service Software, Inc. is providing a limited amount of technical information here to assist you in setting up your network and communications systems, it is ultimately the responsibility of you and your company to work along with your network technicians and consultants to evaluate, select, install, test, and maintain these systems.


Installing on Non-Windows Operating Systems