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Installing on Non-Windows Operating Systems

At Your Service – Repair Centre is designed to work on Windows operating systems (see System Requirements).

However, the physical database file may be stored on any shared network drive, including non-Windows platforms, by using common network file sharing software such as Samba or NFS. And MySQL databases are available for many operating systems (see Working With MySQL Databases).

Additionally, the main AYS application has been successfully tested on a few virtual machine products that can host a Windows environment on non-Windows operating systems running on Intel processors. And if the application is running on a Citrix XenApp server (see Installing on a Wide Area Network) then a Citrix client may be installed for many non-Windows operating systems. The following table lists some examples of virtual machine products for various operating systems.

Non-Windows Operating Systems

Operating System


Web Site

Apple iPad

Citrix Receiver Application

Apple Mac OS X
(Intel processors only)

Citrix Client

Virtual Box

VMware Fusion


Citrix Client


Citrix Client

Virtual Box

VMware Player

VMware Server


Virtual Box


Citrix Client


NOTE   While the software may run on non-Windows operating systems and file systems, this is not officially supported by At Your Service Software, Inc. Further, the compatibility of these products may vary over time, and At Your Service Software, Inc. cannot warrant that they will consistently function like a native Windows installation. Your results may vary.

NOTE   While At Your Service Software, Inc. is providing a limited amount of technical information here to assist you in setting up your network and communications systems, it is ultimately the responsibility of you and your company to work along with your network technicians and consultants to evaluate, select, install, test, and maintain these systems.


Checking for Program Updates