Section 2: Getting Started > Running the Program

Logging In and Out

If a license has been installed (see Installing a New or Updated License) then all users are required to log in with an assigned user name and password before opening any databases. The login window opens automatically when first starting the program. To log in at a later time, click the  button on the toolbar, or select File  Login from the main menu.

When first running the newly installed program on any computer there is only one default user named “Administrator” with no password who is the program administrator. The program administrator has access to all features in the program and may set up additional users and passwords (see User Security). Enter “Administrator” as the user name and leave the password blank.

If a password has already been assigned to the program administrator, or if the program administrator has assigned you a personal login user name and password, then enter the user name and password in the login window. The user name will always default to the name of the last user who was logged in.

Click the Login button to log in, or click the Cancel button or press the Esc key to cancel the login. Multiple users may log in simultaneously using the same user name and password.

Security and login information is stored within each database file so that when a user opens a database from another workstation then the security and login information is automatically transferred to that workstation. If, after logging in and opening a database, there is updated security information found in the database for the logged in user (e.g. the user password was changed or the user was deleted by the program administrator) then the user may be prompted to log in again using the updated information.

To log out, first close all windows in the main program shell and then either click the  button on the toolbar, or select File  Log Out from the main menu. Exiting the program (see Exiting the Program) automatically logs out the current user.


Exiting the Program