Section 1: Introduction > What's New?

New Features in Version 2.2

New Features for Licensed Users of Version 2.2

      Support for printing and on-line web lookup in French and Spanish (see Language of Communication)

      Manually enter Repair Order, Sales Invoice, Credit Note, and Purchase Order numbers (see the “Allow … Numbers to be Manually Assigned” module options under Repair Order Module Options, Sales Invoice Module Options, Credit Note Module Options, and Purchase Order Module Options)

      Repair label printing on label printers (see Labels Overview)

      Inventory can automatically be filtered to the make and model being serviced or repaired for quick parts selection (see module option “Automatically filter to the Make and Model of an open Repair Order” under Inventory Module Options)

      Visual indicators on tab controls show when data is entered on that tab

      View a list of all logged-in users (see Viewing Logged-In Users)

      On-line courier tracking for DHL (Canada and USA only; see Tracking Shipments On-Line)

      Added option to default the Date Requested For to a specified number of days after a repair order is received

      Added model column to serialized accessories on repair orders

      Serialized accessories now print wrapped with commas when there are no corresponding serial nos.

      New Technician Assignments report

      Increased size of the Purchase Order detail line reference field to 100 characters

      Date Received field on repair orders may now be left empty while the status is “Awaiting Arrival or Dispatch”

New Features for All Users

      Window bar for easier window navigation

      Inventory now calculates true average cost

      Added average repair hours and optional date range to Average Repair Times and Charges report

      Added estimate approved date to Repair Status Listing report

      Searchable compiled help files


View the Read Me file for a comprehensive list of bug fixes and improvements.


New Features in Version 2.1