Section 1: Introduction > What's New?

New Features in Version 2.3

New Features for Licensed Users of Version 2.3

      Added import Customers and Vendors from QuickBooks (see Importing from QuickBooks)

      Added logging of user editing and viewing history (see User Edit History)

      Added quick entry of date, time and/or user name with Ctrl+Shift+D, Ctrl+Shift+T, and Ctrl+Shift+U hot keys (see Entering Dates, and Entering Date, Time and/or User)

      Added export to QuickBooks Professional and Premier 2002 to 2005 editions (see Exporting to QuickBooks)

      Added flat rate and hourly rate payment options for technicians (see Technicians - Technician Tab)

      Added cheque number field to quick payments and batch payments (see Paying Individual Invoices, and Paying Batches of Invoices)

      Added option to re-open closed purchase orders (see ?)

      Added option to turn off printing of the repair warranty on repair invoices (see form option “Print Repair Warranty” under Customer Repair Invoice and Third-Party Billing Repair Invoice)

      Added option to e-mail estimates without an approval/refusal message and hyperlinks (see E-mailing a Form)

      Increased size of all Reference fields to 30 characters (see the edit windows of the various main modules)

      Increased size of all courier Tracking Code fields to 30 characters List new features (see the Address tabs of the various main modules)

New Features for All Users

      Improved error handling and added self-guided resolution for common errors

      Recoverable errors now automatically retry for 10 seconds before generating an error message

      Internet Utility now switches to full interface mode from the system tray when an error occurs

      Disabling a tax automatically clears default tax settings on customer accounts (see Editing Default Tax Categories and Rules)

      Disabled taxes still appear on old repair orders, sales invoices, and credit notes for editing or removal (see the invoice tabs of the various main modules)


View the Read Me file for a comprehensive list of bug fixes and improvements.


New Features in Version 2.2