Section 1: Introduction > What's New?

New Features in Version 3.2

New Features for Licensed Users of Version 3.2

      Added record locking with a popup of who is presently editing the record

      Added group management of users

      Added ability to copy user configuration settings from one user to others within the same group

      Added ability to configure multiple administrators

      Added ability to specify a default user inventory location

      Added ability to restrict users to a single business location or inventory location

      Added integration with QuickBooks Australia edition

      Added option to export only fully paid invoices to QuickBooks

      Added scan mode to repair order browse for scanning batches of repair orders

      Added ability to edit batches of repair orders at the same time

      Added ability to copy repair orders

      Added logging of user and date stamp each time a repair status, technician, or bin changes on a repair order

      Added 4 reference fields to Inventory records

      Added 2 additional reference fields to Customer, Vendor, Sales Invoice, Credit Note, Purchase Order, and Warranty Card records

      Added global serial number formatting and validation rules

      All serial number fields were increased to 40 characters

      All street address fields were increased to 40 characters

      All model list fields were increased to 2000 characters

      All browse windows now remember their last selected group filter between sessions

      Added ability to specify default column in browse windows

      Added option to include courier tracking information on automated emails

      Added option to configure repair order communication status form printing by workstation

      Added option to disable confirmation window when adding new records

      Added ability to transfer attachment links to a new server path

      Added new Make and Model Defaults report

New Internet Utility Features for Licensed Users of Version 3.2

      Added option to send repair status notices and reports at a specific time of day

      Added option to specify how many days a close repair remains on the repair status web site

      Added option to not automatically send empty repair status reports


View the Read Me file for a comprehensive list of bug fixes and improvements.


New Features in Version 3.1