Section 1: Introduction > What's New?

New Features in Version 3.1

New Features for Licensed Users of Version 3.1

      Added ability to configure custom emails for every repair status change (see Repair Status Communication Options)

      Added ability to configure which forms are printed or e-mailed with every repair status change (see Repair Status Communication Options)

      Added ability to choose whether or not to prompt before printing each repair form

      Added optional storage bin dropdown list on repair orders

      Added serialized inventory

      Added ability to import inventory serial numbers

      Added “update only” import mode when importing inventory

      Added Serialized Inventory Listing report

      Added Serialized Inventory export

      Added multiple pricing levels on inventory parts

      Added automatic translation of obsolete inventory part numbers to replacement part numbers

      Added replacement part number, serial number, and category columns to the inventory browse

      Added option to notify any time that an inventory quantity becomes negative

      Added recording of all inventory transactions to an inventory ledger

      Added Inventory Ledger Listing report

      Added Inventory Ledger export

      Added Invoice Ledger export

      Added Payment Ledger export

      Added ability to configure multiple groups of service codes

      Added 4 mailing list exports for use with mail merges

      Added ability to import a batch of payment transactions

      Added ability to pay batches of invoices by batch ID

      Added technician e-mail field

      Added ability for an administrator to copy user efficiency settings to all users

New Internet Utility Features for Licensed Users of Version 3.1

      Added table view to repair status web site for customers with multiple repairs (Using the Table-View Repair Status Web Site)

New Features for All Users

      Added ability to filter reports and exports by multiple keywords in any order (see Selecting a Report Using the Report Keyword Filter, and Selecting a Data Export Using the Export Keyword Filter)

      Added ability to update the database from custom reports (see Updating the Database While Printing a Report)

      Added ability to have sequential number series on custom reports (see Reports with Sequential Number Series)

      Improved country and province dropdown efficiency on SQL databases (see the individual module options below the “Geographic Selection Lists” branch under General Module Options)


View the Read Me file for a comprehensive list of bug fixes and improvements.


New Features in Version 3.0