Section 1: Introduction > What's New?

New Features in Version 3.0

New Features for Licensed Users of Version 3.0

      Added software license piracy protection

      Added integrated credit card and debit card processing (including cash back) for Canada and the United States using X-Charge software (see Processing Credit and Debit Card Transactions with X-Charge, and Installing X-Charge Server)

      Individual payment references are now printed on all forms

      Added ability to import batches of repair orders (see Importing New Repair Orders)

      Detail column widths on edit windows are now remembered for each user the same as they are remembered for main browse windows (see Resizing Columns)

      Added 16 more custom repair statuses and a new maximum number of 36 possible repair statuses (see Repair Statuses Overview)

      Added optional dropdowns to Reference fields 1 to 4 on repair orders (see module options “Display a Dropdown List for Reference #” under Repair Order Module Options, and Repair Order - Item/Accessories Tab)

      Added ability to export data from browse windows (see Selecting to Export Data from a Browse Window)

      Added batch printing from browse windows (see Batch Printing Forms from a Browse Window, and Batch Printing Labels from a Browse Window)

      Added batch repair status changes from the repair orders browse window (see Batch Changing of Repair Statuses)

      Added batch deleting from browse windows by the program administrator (see Deleting Records)

      Added ability to filter custom captions by keyword, and by captions with customizations (see Filtering Custom Captions)

      Added import of courier tracking data (see Importing Courier Tracking Data)

      Added repair step columns on repair order detail lines to record individual repair steps by multiple technicians (see module opion “Enable Repair Step Columns on Repair Order Detail Lines” under Repair Order Module Options)

      Added Setup Repair Steps module (see Repair Steps)

      Added import and export of Repair Steps (see Importing Repair Steps, and Exporting Repair Steps)

      New Repair Steps Listing report (see Repair Steps Listing)

      Added import and export of Standard Notes (see Importing Standard Notes, and Exporting Standard Notes)

      Added export of Customers with Contacts (see Exporting Customers with Contacts)

      Added export of Vendors with Contacts (see Exporting Vendors with Contacts)

      Added new inventory Category field (see Inventory Item - Main Area)

      Added new Fault Resolution field for instructions on how to repair the problem related to a particular fault code (see Editing a Fault Code)

      Lengthened vendor account fields to 30 characters (see Vendor - Main Area, and Purchase Order - Vendor Tab)

      Lengthened part number fields to 30 characters (see Inventory Item - Main Area, Inventory Item - Vendors Tab, Repair Order - Details Tab, Sales Invoice - Details Tab, Credit Note - Credit Details Tab, and Package Code - Details Tab)

      Lengthened service code field to 30 characters (see Service Code - Main Area)

New Internet Utility Features for Licensed Users of Version 3.0

      Automated sending of repair status listing reports can now be configured individually for each day of the week, both globally and by individual customer account (see Setup Send Repair Status Listing Reports, and Customer - Internet Utility Tab)

New Features for All Users

      Added support for Windows 7

      Added Diners Club, JCB, and PayPal payment methods (see Editing Payment Methods)

      Added inventory button to detail line browse on purchase orders (see Purchase Order - Details Tab)

      Receiving a purchase order now prompts whether to fully or partially receive the order (see Receiving a Purchase Order)

      A warning message is now displayed if the automatic backup paths are no longer valid (see Automatically Backing Up an Access Database)

      Database Repair Utility now repairs field definitions and indexes (see Automatically Repairing a Database)


View the Read Me file for a comprehensive list of bug fixes and improvements.


New Features in Version 2.7