Processing Debit Card Return Transactions

To start an X-Charge debit card return transaction, begin by opening either the individual payment window or the batch payments window (see Paying Individual Invoices, and Paying Batches of Invoices).

Enter a payment amount less than 0.00 in the Amount to Pay field, select Debit Card from the Payment Method field, and optionally enter reference information in the Reference field. Click the Debit Card button to open the X-Charge transaction window.

Swipe the debit card through your card reader and either click the Process button or press the F12 key to begin processing. You will be prompted to have the customer enter their personal identification number (PIN) using a PINpad entry device.

If the transaction is approved then a negative debit card payment record with the current date will be automatically added to the At Your Service database. In Canada only, a six-digit authorization number returned by the bank will be appended to the end of any previously entered payment reference.

If the transaction is declined then the reason will be displayed so that appropriate action can be taken.


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