Section 12: Internet Utility > Repair Status Web Site

Repair Status Web Site Overview

A repair status web site allows customers to check the current status of their repair orders at their convenience. To search for the repair order, the customer must know at least two of three pieces of data that uniquely identify the repair order and that only that customer is likely to know: the repair order number, the repair order reference 1 field (typically the customer’s reference number), and the serial number of the item being serviced or repaired.

Some businesses may prefer to design their own repair status web site. If their web server is on the same local network as the main At Your Service database then they can connect directly to the database to read status information. Optionally, and particularly if the web server is not on the local network, the repair status data can be uploaded as a comma- or tab-delimited text file. The uploaded data may then be read in by a web server program and processed accordingly.


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