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Revenue Summary by Advertising Method

This report is an open item summary of revenue earned over a specified period of time (not including taxes), grouped by advertising method (see Advertising Methods, and Invoicing). Direct revenue includes only records that are marked with a particular advertising method. Indirect revenue includes repeat business from the same customer after the initial record that was marked with the advertising method. It is printed in landscape orientation.

Report totals for both direct and indirect revenue include the total number of repair invoices, sales invoices, and credit notes, and the total revenue amount. A customer detail breakdown for each advertising method may be included, in which case subtotals are also provided for each advertising method. The report may also be filtered by advertising method.

Due to the complexity of the database queries, this report may take a few minutes to prepare and print.

Report Option Fields




Enter or select the advertising method for which to generate the report or leave blank for all advertising methods. See Advertising Methods to customize the dropdown list.

Date Range

Enter or select the starting date for records to include on the report or leave blank for all records before the ending date. Also enter or select the ending date for records to include on the report or leave blank for all records after the starting date. The date range is based on the invoice or credit note date. For approved repair orders the invoice date is the same as the repair completed date, while for refused repair orders the invoice date is the same as the estimate refused date.

Include Detailed Customer Breakdown

Check this box to include a detailed customer breakdown for each advertising method, or uncheck this box (the system default) for no breakdown.


All sales invoices and credit notes are included on the report. Repair invoices are included on the report when they are set to a repair invoice status (see Repair Invoice     Statuses).

The Revenue columns are determined by calculating the sum of the parts, labour, shipping, handling, and travel charges after any discounts have been applied, but before taxes have been added.

The revenues from this report can be compared with your advertising costs to see whether the costs are justifiable. This information may also be used in conjunction with the geographic revenue summary reports (see Revenue Summary by City, Revenue Summary by Province/State, and Revenue Summary by Country) to determine which geographic areas your customers are coming from and therefore where advertising might be focused.

NOTE   To print this report from a Microsoft SQL Server database may require Create View rights for the corresponding database (see Configuring User Security on Microsoft SQL Server).

This report is not available in the Repair Micro edition.

(See also Reporting on Advertising Methods.)


Revenue Summary by Category