Section 8: Reports > Inventory Reports

Serialized Inventory Listing

This report is a detailed listing of each inventory item including serial numbers and the repair order and sales invoice records to which those serial numbers are assigned (see Inventory). It is printed in landscape orientation.

The report may be sorted by part number, item description, or make. And it may be filtered by inventory location, purchase vendor, make, and whether to include only assigned or unassigned serial numbers. The report may also optionally include inventory item notes.

Report Option Fields



Inv. Location

Enter or select the inventory location for which to generate the report or leave blank for all inventory locations.


Enter an assigned purchase vendor account number for which to generate the report, 0 for miscellaneous vendor accounts, or leave blank for all vendors. Optionally, select the purchase vendor name for which to generate the report. The entered vendor filter may match any of the three purchase vendors configured for an inventory item (see Inventory Item - Vendors Tab).


Enter or select the make for which to generate the report or leave blank for all makes.


Enter or select the model for which to generate the report or leave blank for all models.

Serial Numbers

Select whether to include all serial numbers (the system default), only assigned serial numbers, or only unassigned serial numbers.

Sort by

Select the desired sort order, either by part number (the system default), by item description, or by make.

Include Inventory Item Notes

Check this box (the system default) to include inventory item notes, or uncheck this box to exclude inventory item notes.


This report is available only for licensed users of version 3.1 and higher, and is available only in the Repair SQL, Repair, and Repair Mobile editions.

(See also Inventory Bar Code Listing, and Inventory Listing.)


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