Section 2: Getting Started > User Edit History

User Edit History Overview

At times, the program administrator (see User Security) may wish to review user activities within particular modules or even on particular records. Every time that a user edits, or optionally views, a record, the user’s activities may be logged for future reference. The user name, date, and time are recorded along with each record, however the details of which fields were edited, or which data was changed, is not recorded. Since logging the user edit and view histories records a considerable amount of data, this feature is deactivated by default.

The program administrator may later browse the user edit history and filter to a specific record to see which users edited the record and when, or filter to a specific user to see their timeline of activity within each module.

To open the user edit history browse window, first close all windows within the main program shell and then select File  View User Edit History from the main menu. Only the program administrator may access the user edit history.

Viewing the user edit history is available only for licensed users of version 2.3 and higher, and is not available in the Repair Micro edition.

(See also Optimizing Program Options for Speed, and Optimizing the Database for Speed.)


Browsing the User Edit History