X-Charge Overview

X-Charge credit and debit card processing software from CAM Commerce Solutions, Inc. allows you the flexibility to process your credit and debit card transactions directly from within the At Your Service - Repair Centre software. Integrated credit and debit card processing saves time and money, while reducing or eliminating errors, and making your business look more professional to your customers and employees. The following are some of the benefits:

      With X-Charge's Internet processing options, authorizations occur in less than five seconds.

      An integrated system reduces errors because the charge amount is passed directly to the credit or debit card processor with no manual intervention. No more mis-keying entries, and no unhappy customers that find they were incorrectly charged.

      An integrated system reduces desktop and counter clutter. All transactions, both the payment record within At Your Service and the credit or debit card, can be handled through the same computer and printer. You will no longer need a separate credit card terminal and printer.

      X-Charge credit and debit card processing software is easy for your clerks to learn, and you will only have one system to train them on.

X-Charge Specifications

The following tables list the credit cards and debit cards that are supported by the X-Charge credit and debit card processing software.

Supported Credit Cards


Credit Cards

Canada, United States

American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa

Supported Debit Card Networks


Debit Card Networks



United States

ACCEL/Exchange, AFFN, Alaska Option, Credit Union 24, Interlink, Jeanie, Maestro, NYCE, Pulse, SHAZAM, and STAR


NOTE   The actual services available to your business will depend on your contract with CAM Commerce Solutions, Inc.

NOTE   X-Charge credit and debit card processing software cannot be used outside of Canada and the United States.

(See also Installing X-Charge Server, and Payment Methods.)


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