Section 2: Getting Started > Running the Program

Accepting the License Agreement

If a new or updated version of the program was installed then you must first accept the license agreement (see License Agreement). Click the Yes button to proceed if you accept the license agreement, press the Print button to print the license agreement, or click the No button to reject the license agreement and exit the program. After the license agreement has been accepted for a particular program version, the license agreement will no longer appear when starting the program until an updated version is installed. To open the license agreement window at a later time, select Help  View License Agreement from the main menu.

If no license has been installed then after accepting the license agreement the user will automatically be logged in as the program administrator (see User Security) in order to evaluate the program (see Evaluating Editions). If a license has already been installed (see Installing a New or Updated License) then after accepting the license agreement, the user will be prompted to log in (see Logging In and Out).


Evaluating Editions