Section 12: Internet Utility > Getting Started

Opening a Database

Open an existing database the same as you would in the main At Your Service – Repair Centre program (see Opening an Existing Access Database, Opening an Existing MySQL Database, or Opening an Existing Microsoft SQL Server Database).

The name of the open database will be displayed near the top of the main program window.

Since most companies will only use a single database file, other methods for opening the file may be more convenient:

      When there is no database open, the bottom of the File menu will contain a list of the last four databases that were opened. Select the desired database file from the menu to open it. Microsoft Access databases will be prefixed with AYS, MySQL databases will be prefixed with MYS, and Microsoft SQL Server databases will be prefixed with SQL.

      Select File  AutoOpen Database from the main menu to enable or disable automatic opening of the last database. If this feature is enabled (as indicated by a check mark on the dropdown menu) then the last database that was opened from that workstation will automatically be opened as soon as a user logs in (see Logging In and Out).